About us

Committed to the development of Chile.

From its origins, about six decades ago, Ingeniería Civil Vicente S.A. ICV) is characterized by implementing the best practices to its operational processes, in services as diverse as civil works, mining, transportation and logistics, maintenance, energy, among others, being able to satisfy the most demanding requirements of our clients ”.

Our focus is on having one of the most modern and competitive mechanized parks on the market, constantly renewing our equipment and machinery.

Also, we have a great team, with the objective of consolidating our commitment to communities, workers and customers, throughout Chile.


Ingeniería Civil Vicente S.A. (ICV) was founded in Punta Arenas, after its predecessor Ingeniería Civil Vicente Ltda., On May 25, 1962.

Ingeniería Civil Vicente S.A. (ICV) was founded in Punta Arenas, after its predecessor Ingeniería Civil Vicente Ltda., On May 25, 1962.

In its beginnings, its activity was oriented to the development of civil works in general, with emphasis on the areas of movement of land and pavements, in projects of roads and airports, works of urban, rural infrastructure, and architecture. It was until the 80s when they introduced their integral services to the mining industry, consolidating this item as their main activity, in the mid-1990s.

Through its more than 50 years of recognized trajectory in the execution of civil works, added to the experience as a provider of comprehensive services for the great mining and coal mining operator in the Magallanes Region, it has managed to acquire a valuable KNOW HOW ” This allows you to offer a service of excellence in: design, drilling, blasting, loading and transportation of materials, as well as the logistical support associated with such tasks.

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Oficina Central
Marchant Pereira 221, Piso 10 Providencia, Santiago
Talleres y Bodega
Maestranza Lo Aguirre KM 14,7 Ruta 68, Pudahuel
Gerencia Regional Sur Talleres y Bodegas
Barrio Industrial, Sitio 13
Oficina Central en Providencia, Santiago.

Team ICV

Committed to the development of Chile.

Our team is made up of people who have a vast experience and commitment to the company. In addition, and with the aim of having a staff of excellence, employees are constantly trained in areas related to safety, operation and maintenance, which provides a high level of work at all levels of our organization, thus consolidating each Collaborator as a strength. To achieve this, our constant concern for maintaining a pleasant working environment, with respectful, close treatment, and first level working conditions within the industry, has been key.

Around 200 professionals and technicians work at ICV, to which there is an additional amount of more than a thousand workers with different qualifications, including operators, maintainers and administrative staff.

Our Vision

Our Vision is aligned with the delivery of a quality, serious, responsible and highly professional service. In this sense, “we want to be recognized as a company of excellence in Chile, through the generation of projects, businesses and integral solutions for our clients”

Our Mission

Our mission is focused on being protagonists of the industry, always maintaining a full commitment to the development of the country, the community, our workers and respect for the environment.